Bubbles! My super mischievous happy pill hehe

Bubbles! My super mischievous happy pill hehe

I just wanna be brave

Recess week is over! Poof, just like that. Shan’t complain about not having studied enough cause that’s not what recess week is for is it. And after the hellll week I had I’d say I really deserved a break.

Went for pwc on wed and now all I want is for them to want me! Can’t help thinking about how inadequate my answers were during the interview :( all because I was so ready to settle with ey and didn’t prepare. I guess you’ll always want what you can’t have.

Critical thinking is really killing me. Gotta push onnnn. 800 more words to go, gosh.

Say what you wanna say, let the words fall out

It’s that time of my life, the time when I’m supposed to take the next step for the next phase of my life. I really hope all goes well. Please take me EY!! It doesn’t matter which one of the 4 anymore, I just hope I get into one of them.

4th week of school but it feels like it’s only been 2 weeks. And it’s getting hecticccc. I need me some BKK retail therapy. Can’t wait for Dec.

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